Mur Mur Lab x 你 Mur Mur Lab x You 这是 Mur Mur Lab 第三次公开招募 This is Mur Mur Lab’s third public recruitment. 又是一年风吹梧桐沙沙作响树影碎满地的季节,这个季节的上海很美,美在自然,亦美在态度。夏天是一年当中唯一一个季节人们热切地盼望去创造,去生活,去拥抱希望的季节,走过工作室路口的那条街,会看到人们在路边的露天咖啡馆办公、聊天,觥筹交错,你来我往,眼里迸发出兴奋的光。这个季节的上海,空气中流淌的,是生生不息。 Another year the wind rustle sycamore trees all season, this season in Shanghai is very beautiful, beauty in nature, also in the attitude. Summer is the only season of the year where people eagerly look forward to create, live, embrace the hope, walking towards studio across the street and see people in the roadside coffee shop, they are working, chatting, eyes burst excited light. This season in Shanghai, flowing in the air, is life. 依然在这样一个季节,Mur Mur Lab开启了每年一度招聘。 梧桐树影中,迎接属于我们的盛夏光年。 Still in this season, Mur Mur Lab starts its annual recruitment. In the shadow of the sycamore tree, meet the summer that belong to us.


实习申请的岗位分为:设计助理 和 研究助理。 设计助理协助完成实际项目的设计,深化和落地工作,实习结束可考虑转正。
研究助理以志愿者形式,参与Mur Mur Lab建筑学理论研究的讨论,文字整理,发表;以及模型制作,设计竞赛等研究型的工作内容。 1. 面向在校同学及应届毕业生,辅助团队进行设计工作; 2. 热爱设计,积极主动,学习能力强,具备团队协作能力、执行力强; 3. 熟练使用常用绘图软件; 4. 实习时间不低于2个月。 Internship contains two categories: design assistants and research assistants. The design assistant assists in the design, deepening and landing of the actual project, and the end of the internship can be considered for a positive turn. Research assistant is voluntary position. Participate in the Mur Mur Lab architecture theory research, the discussion of publish work; as well as model making, design competitions, etc. 1. For students and new graduates, support the team to carry out the design work; 2. Love design, proactive, strong learning ability, team cooperation ability, strong execution; 3. Familiar with common drawing software; 4. Internship time not less than two months .


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